Dragonflies Daily

We would like to make your child’s time at Dragonflies enjoyable and will endeavour to make this a rewarding experience. Below is a small insight to how we run but please feel free to come along and visit us to see if we are the right preschool for your child.

There is a noticeboard next to the left of the big blue gates and also inside the preschool room, to the left when you walk in the door. Please take time regularly to read both as it informs you of activities the children are doing, as well as important information about the setting.

Key person
Your child will be allocated a key person that will see them through their time at preschool, this helps to aid the smooth transition from home to preschool and then eventually preschool to school. You are able at any time to chat to your child’s key person, and talk to you about your child’s progression just let them know you would like to talk to them and they will make time.

Learning log
Whilst your child is with us we will record information on an online Learning journey.  Staff will record observations showing their progression, which may contain photos, photos of their drawings, on an online system called Famly.

Book bags
At the start of your child’s time with us we will give them a book bag, these are a way of us passing information onto parents such as letters, invoices, children’s drawings and reading books, please check these on a regular basis.
When your child leaves us to go to primary school, please return the book bag to a member of staff.

Whilst at preschool your child will probably get messy playing with paints and pens etc. We do sell polo shirts and sweatshirts for the children at £8.50 each, if you would like to purchase one then just let a member of staff know.
A bag will a spare set of clothes can be left on their peg for those times when they need to changed into dry clean clothes.

The children go up to the school hall to have their lunch at the same time as the school children.  If you are providing a packed lunch please provide a healthy lunch, no chocolate or nuts, with a bottle of water.

Snack time
The children are able to have a snack every day, we set snack time up café style so they are able to choose from a selection of items and we encourage them to chop up fruit and vegetables with a safety knife. Water is available at all times and at snack time they are also offered milk. Snack is charged at £7 per child per term.

Toilet/potty training

The toilets are situated right next to the preschool room, it is easier for your child if you send them in in clothes that are easy to undo and pull up to aid independence.

We also have a nappy changing area in the disabled toilets. If you are sending your child in nappies please bring in spare nappies for us to change your child into.

If you are starting potty training and would like some support please speak to your child’s key person.

We do have an illness policy, which can be viewed at any time, it is kept in the policy file.

If your child feels unwell whilst at preschool after they have been dropped off, we will contact you and if necessary call the appropriate emergency services.

All accidents are recorded and you will be asked to sign the sheet at pick up. We also have Bumps & Bruises book that we record any bumps or bruises that a child comes into preschool with.

Below is a short list of common illness and the minimum time that you are required to keep them off preschool:

Illness Minimum period of exclusion
Chicken Pox Until spots are completely dried out
Conjunctivitis Until treatment is received
Head Lice Until treatment is received
Impetigo Until the sores all healed
Mumps Until swelling has subsided
Measles 7 days from onset of rash
Sickness or diarrhoea 48 hours from last bout
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