Emergency Evacuation

In the case of an emergency involving anyone on the premises the following procedure would be put into place:

  • One member of staff would take over the incident or injured person
  • On rapidly assessing the situation it may be necessary to phone 999 for a paramedic or ambulance.
  • In addition a member of staff will phone the next of kin/parent/carer of the injured person.
  • If necessary a member of staff will accompany the injured person to the hospital if next of kin has not arrived at pre-school.
  • A full report will be written by the manager and staff involved in the incident and sent to the parent/next of kin and Ofsted and RIDDOR.
  • If it is necessary to evacuate the premises entirely the pre-school with move to Axminster Primary School.
  • To cross the road safely two staff members will stop the traffic with the other staff members leading the children safely across the road.
  • Once at Axminster Primary School we will do another head count.
  • A staff member will report to reception and find a secure place to take the staff and children.
  • Staff will then contact the parents if it is not safe to return to Dragonflies.
  • Staff will staff with the children until they are collected by a parent or carer.

This policy was adopted at a meeting of Dragonflies.