Severe Weather

Policy Statement

This policy refers to the measures we will take in the event of all extreme adverse conditions that may on occasions arise in particular with regard to snow, ice, flood and heat waves.


When the possibility of heavy snow/ice/flood is becoming more frequent the decision to close the preschool will take into account the following;

  • The safety of the children, their parents and the staff
  • If the children are in a session when the heavy snow/ice/rain occurs then we will contact the parents if the manager has decided to close the preschool
  • If St Marys Catholic School decide not to open, Dragonflies will also not open
  • Closure of the school will be on the website

If a shortage of staff are unable to get into the setting because of the weather and we are unable to maintain the statutory ratio requirements for the children after contacting all staff, we will inform Ofsted of the issue and take their advice. Full details will be recorded in the Incident file.

If we feel the health, safety and welfare of the children are compromised then we will take the decision to close the preschool.

Heat Waves

In the event of an extreme heat wave when the children are at Preschool, we will ensure that children are protected as reasonably practicable, from the effects of the sun or heat.

Sun cream can be applied to your child, this will only be applied in the presence of other staff members, if your child has any allergies to sun cream please bring in your own named sun cream.

We will monitor children for heat exhaustion/heat stroke and offer water for hydration at regular intervals.