Visitor’s Procedure

Policy Statement

Dragonflies has an open door policy, for parents and carers, who can come into preschool at any time.

We welcome students, staff from the reception class of feeder schools and professionals from outside agencies or children’s services offering support to children or staff.


The Preschool is responsible for the safety and security of all the children in its care.

It is vital that personnel adhere to the procedures detailed below at all times:

When entering through St Marys School reception

  • Enter through the St Marys Primary School entrance, via the buzzer outside.
  • Sign in at the reception area of the school.
  • The receptionist will then bring you down to Dragonflies Preschool or show you where you can ring the bell for the Preschool.

Entering directly into the preschool

  • On ringing the bell you will be greeted by a member of staff from the Preschool.
  • Who will then sign you in the visitor’s book, ask you to wear an identity badge and place your bag in a secure place in the office area, along with a mobile phone if you have one with you.
  • We will then take you to the school office and sign in on the school premises as well.
  • We will make visitors aware if there is going to be a fire drill during their visit and if not brief them on what to do if the fire alarm should sound.
  • On leaving the premises your bag and phone will be return to you, you will be escorted to the exit and your identity badge taken off you.
  • Only a staff/committee member that has a current DBS can escort the visitor to the exit door.
  • The staff member on returning to the preschool will shred the identity badge.